What are the most popular social media platforms supporting porn?

Finding porn online is about one of the easiest things a person can do today. There are millions of adult sites offering pornography of every kind imaginable. But although smut is very popular, it is surpassed by social media platforms. At least when it comes to popularity and the number of visitors. Which brings us to the question of what happens when the two are combined? While top social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have strict rules against porn material, some can still be found on them. Yet once it is reported and flagged, the post, page or content is likely to be removed.

For porn lovers who also like social media, this is a problem. They want the best of both; that is social medial platforms that support pornography. One would think that as pornography has gotten more popular, social media sites would begin easing off on it.

However, the opposite has happened as many of them have begun barring all forms of adult content. Until recently, Tumblr was the number one social media site for finding adult content.

They had endless blogs created by users featuring sexually graphic images and GIFS. Yet a few weeks ago, Tumblr announced it will no longer allow that kind of content on its site. It is rather ironic since most of the visitors who land on it do so because they are searching for porn.

One alternative for finding pornography related content is snapchat. Even though there is generally no snapchat porn page or smut permitted on the site, there are ways around it. For instance, most of the top pornstars on the planet have accounts on Snapchat.

Their premium accounts allow them to provide porn snaps to followers. The private snapchat is where you find tons of sexually explicit content. But it is not free since they will charge for private snapchats that include porn.

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Pinterest also has a great deal of sexually graphic content. And while you may not find porn videos on the site, they do have links to places that do. Bloggers and members post many images related to the genre you are looking for. In turn, most of them have links to adult sites.

The other option is using private messages to connect with other users. It is through this method where members of any social media platform can exchange info and content with each other. That includes pornography and it is allowed on most social media pages, if not all of them.

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