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Where did the me gusta meme come from?

It is definitely rare that you do not come across with the funny looking meme named “Me Gusta” on the internet because he is all over the social media for his rage faces. Me Gusta went viral when more and more people use and share his different rage faces over given...

The top 5 most popular “me gusta” memes

Me Gusta is rage comics face that is used to express or give approval to an awkward or unlikely situation since the Spanish name means “I like it”, or “Pleases me” in English. Almost all of the internet users, or social media users, already encountered Me Gusta’s face...

Top 5 porn related memes of all time

Top 5 porn related memes of all time

Ever since the rise of the internet, pornography has dominated almost every corner of the web. An estimated 450 million viewers searched for porn monthly. Though the vast majority of that number did not proclaim to be members of any one specific site. Based from...

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