Me Gusta is rage comics face that is used to express or give approval to an awkward or unlikely situation since the Spanish name means “I like it”, or “Pleases me” in English. Almost all of the internet users, or social media users, already encountered Me Gusta’s face on their wall.

Me Gusta is spreading its liberating and contagious memes on social media sites like Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Memes are usually jokes, suburban legends, viral videos, political debates, etc. And if you are looking for the top five Me Gusta memes, read down below:

Dat Feeling

Dat Feeling is a compilation of how a person feels when something is done so perfectly and effortlessly. Me Gusta on the last part made it clear that it is a breeze if you can draw a perfect circle but made it clear at the end that it is a joke because no one can draw a perfect circle.


My Girlfriend

This is a Me Gusta meme wherein his girlfriend is asking for food because she’s hungry, but all he says is she doesn’t like. Pissed he offered his cock in the end and his girlfriend willingly accept it.



Me Gusta is on an adventure for things that are warm and he has different faces in different warm situations.


Parents’ On a Party

This Me Gusta meme shows what is happening each time parents are out for partying and say they will come back at their given time but totally will not happen to leave their children sober.


Spider-Man by the Pool

This is Me Gusta showing the reality of how people who do not know how to swim are stuck on the side of the pool like Spider-Man.