It is definitely rare that you do not come across with the funny looking meme named “Me Gusta” on the internet because he is all over the social media for his rage faces. Me Gusta went viral when more and more people use and share his different rage faces over given situations. The name is a Spanish word which means “it pleases me”.

Where does Me Gusta meme come from?

Me Gusta meme is actually part of a series of a comic called Rage comics. The comic uses pre-made cartoon rage faces which express crude, or other simple actions. They are typically drawn using MS Paint in a very simple way. The Rage Comics app was made available for free download if you want to view, rate, and share Rage Comics rage faces.

It is said that a Reddit user named “Insert” drawn the original Me Gusta face, the year 2008 before it was shared on the internet. The concept is very simple, a very round face, fat head with no hair, but the silliest of all the rage faces. From simple strokes, the face became popular even so when social network sites users discovered how funny Me Gusta face is. It gained so much popularity especially when people are starting to discover and use it on social media platforms in expressing themselves, their opinions, and their sarcastic way of viewing life.

Since Me Gusta becomes a very feasible way of expressing something raging about life and people, it was used to create memes called Me Gusta Memes. The face is usually accompanied with raging words and by the saying “ME GUSTA” in capital letters, black or red. Sometimes, even without words, the face of Me Gusta is funny and straight enough to tell a story. Me Gusta has been very influential and iconic in expressing oneself.